Alpine Special Treatment Center, Inc.


Alpine Special Treatnent Center offers supportive services in a 24 hour secured rehabilitation program for people suffering from psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. 

Client goals and rehabilitation needs are individualized to ensure that treatment is effective for each person served.  Clinicians work closely with each client, assisting them to integrate new life-tools that promote awareness, symptom management, self-worth, and hope. 

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients stabilize so that they can successfully reintegrate back into the community quickly and safely. 

Our program has demonstrated success in helping clients achieve stabilization from acute psychiatric symptoms.  We assist them in acquiring the critical skills needed so that they can manage their illness while promoting a better quality of life. 

The treatment program is anchored by a team of multidisciplinary mental health professionals working in one setting, to provide comprehensive and consistent treatment throughout the client’s stay.